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Eat a Rainbow

What does 'EAT A RAINBOW' mean? We should aim to eat 7-a-day, 2 fruit and at least 5 vegetables a day. This is to ensure the variety of phytonutrients is consumed.

This BANT poster is a great guide on the different colour groups.

However if you're trying to lose weight, opt for 1 fruit and 6 veggies daily. And it's best to choose a low GL fruit, such as:

➡️ berries,

➡️ apples,

➡️ pears,

➡️ peaches,

➡️ cherries,

➡️ watermelon,

➡️ grapefruit.

The newest research shows that eating 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, may give us longer lives and protect from many diseases! 1 portion = 80g

How to achieve the target of 800g of fruit and vegetables a day?

✖️ eliminate cereals, bread and pasta,

✖️ limit dairy intake,

✖️ introduce 2 meat-free days a week,

By doing that, you would naturally have to fill the gaps with fruit and veg.

✔️ make smoothies, for every fruit added, add twice as much veggies,

✔️ snack on apples or veggie crudites with hummus,

✔️ roast vegetables for lunch,

✔️ make soups or stews for dinner,

✔️ always add fresh salad to every meal,

✔️ the more different colours the better ‘Eat a Rainbow’ 🍒🍑🍌🥒🍆🍇

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