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Karolina was so helpful and understanding, I instantly felt at ease with her and was so reassured to hear her advice and implement her suggestions. It was such a relief to talk to someone and find a solution that actually worked when I'd had no such luck with doctors. You hear about conditions such as IBS and believe you just have to live with them but consulting with Karolina enabled me to make easy tweaks to my diet to relieve my symptoms. Would highly recommend her service!

I had the privilege of meeting Karolina and she is very proffessional and knowlegable. She is full of useful tips, the nutritional plan she created for me was easy to follow and since then my symptoms have improved significantly! I highly recommend her, if you are looking for the best nutrition advice! Thanks Karolina, you told me what I needed and it worked!

Karolina is great at what she does and her passion is infectious! She actually listens to what you want to achieve and her nutrition programme is tailored to meet your needs. Most importantly she tries to identify and address the possible underlying causes of the health condition, rather than simply mask the symptoms. Her approach to nutrition and wellbeing is brilliant! I have already recommended Karolina to other friends. She really has changed the way I look at food. Thanks!

Karolina is very passionate in Nutrition and her knowledge is very rich. She will dig into the the case of yours and will find the core to help you to heal natural way working in synergy with your body requirements.

Karolina is enthusiastic, professional and passionate about helping you as an individual which is vital and gives you extra confidence about her recommendations.

Really great clear communication around what to eat. I would highly recommend!

Karolina's training has given her an excellent ability to give thoughtful personalized nutrition recommendations to each client. She is warm, intelligent, and caring and I recommend her highly!

I enjoyed working with Karolina because she invests the time to listen to your needs and produces a practical plan that you can follow.

Such a lovely and informative page, everyone can find useful information to optimise their health. Karolina provides excellent nutritional service and she is very knowledgeable. She genuinely cares about her clients. I would highly recommend.

Karolina knows so much about health and nutrition. And she is lovely. It is a pleasure to consult with her. I would highly recommend her.

Karolina is a gifted practitioner who will take the time and effort to really dig deep to help you reclaim your health. She is professional, knowledgable and very caring and I really recommend her services.

Karolina is such a great practitioner. She's caring , passionate and with very good knowledge. Highly recommended.

Karolina is knowledgable, passionate and very helpful. So many great tips and ideas in my plan, which made it so easy to follow - highly recommend.

Karolina is an excellent practitioner with a very holistic approach.She has very practical ideas and recommendations that are easy to follow and made a big difference, highly recommend her!

Karolina, is a very professional nutritional therapist and takes the time to find the root of your problem. I would highly recommend her services.

Karolina is a wonderful nutritionist, she really cares about preparing the right plan for you to reach your optimum health goals. Highly recommended!!

I have known Karolina for a few years now, and she is one of the most passionate Nutritional Therapist I've met. She is dedicated to explaining how things really work (e.g. what is a portion, what is a balanced breakfast), and always provides wonderful meals ideas (check her Instagram account). She is the go-to person if you want to make changes to your health.

Karolina is very knowledgeable and passionate about nutritional therapy. She is also very attentive and makes sure that she suggests small, feasible changes to your diet so as not to overwhelm you with to much information and changes too big for you to follow. Great job, Karolina!

Karolina is a very experienced and knowledgable nutritionist. She will work hard to get to the root cause of your health issues and help you get back to optimum health by providing a safe and easy to stick to protocol. 

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