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The Ultimate Smoothie Bowl Recipe

I love my smoothie bowls in the mornings, just look at these colours, what's not to like? Below is my ultimate smoothie bowl recipe, I vary between different ingredients and every combination is delicious!


➡️ 1 avocado,

➡️ half of banana,

➡️ 1 cup of frozen blueberries / or cherries / or raspberries (defrosted),

➡️ 2 tbsp flaxseed / or 1 tbsp of chia seeds,

➡️ 1 scoop of L-Glutamine protein powder / or 2 tbsp of collagen hydrolysate,

➡️ a splash of rice milk / or 2 tbsp of organic Greek yoghurt.


Couldn't be easier, just put everything into a Nutritbullet and blend until smooth. Serve with a homemade paleo granola, or any nuts or seeds sprinkled on top.

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