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For years we have been told to believe that eating fat is a bad thing, that if you want to lose weight you need to go on a 'low fat' or even better 'zero fat' diet! Now we know that it is the biggest lie in the history of nutrition science, yet still there are many people out there who replace fat with sugary substitutes in the hopes of losing weight. Wake up people! SUGAR IS THE BAD GUY... NOT FAT!

Sugar is not only toxic, but also very addictive. It requires strong willpower and determination to break this addiction, but it's doable, I am the living proof of that. I strongly believe that going 'cold turkey' is the best solution. First few days might be hard, but soon you will see that your energy levels are improving and your skin is getting that gorgeous glow.. didn't I mention already that sugar is the wrinkle monster? Yep, stop eating sugar and within about 21 days you will look years younger. Take 'before' and 'after' photo of your face and you will see for yourself!

Here are the five crucial steps to BREAKING YOUR SUGAR ADDICTION by David Gillespie, the author of the international bestselling:

  1. Have the right attitude - Do not treat this as an exercise in deprivation. You are ridding yourself of a dangerous toxin...

  2. Eliminate habits associated with eating sugar - Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy a movie without a litre of soft drink for company...

  3. Eliminate sugar from your food supply - Throw out all the addictive sugary foods from your fridge and cupboards.

  4. Withdraw from sugar - Intentionally and purposefully eat the last mouthful of sugar.

  5. Re-stock and get ready for the rest of your life - Your home needs to be sugar free oasis for you and your family.

However the real eye-opener is this fantastic book that I recommend to everybody, not only to those wanting to lose weight but for everyone who wants to improve their health. But be warned... this book will radically change the way you see what's on your plate!

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