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How about a delicious SMOOTHIE BOWL for breakfast?

Recently I am obsessed with smoothie bowls, I experiment with different ingredients and different toppings. It is quick and easy way to start the day and kids love it too! For me there is no smoothie bowl without avocado, I simply love this fantastic fruit (yes, it technically is a FRUIT), as it gives this amazing creamy consistency. Smoothie for a bowl must be much thicker than the one that you drink, and I discovered that for me the simpler the better. The one combination that I particularly love has only 4 ingredients!!!


  • 1 avocado,

  • 1 small banana,

  • a handful of frozen raspberries,

  • a splash of rice milk.


Just blend everything together, I use NutriBullet, but any hand blender will do the work.


  • my Paleo Breakfast Granola tastes amazing with it. You can find a recipe in one of my earlier posts OR

  • you can sprinkle any nuts / seeds / porridge oats / muesli combination on top.

Have a lovely day everybody!

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