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Eat a rainbow. 7 a day.

What does 'EAT A RAINBOW' mean? We should aim to eat 7-a-day, 2 fruit and at least 5 vegetables a day. This is to ensure the variety of phytonutrients is consumed. If you are trying to lose weight, go for 1 low GL fruit (berries are the best) and 6 vegetables a day.

Red fruit and veggies contain LYCOPENE, that has been linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer, but also ELLAGIC ACID, QUERCETIN, HESPERIDIN and ANTHOCYANIDINS, that may help to protect against different types of cancer.

Orange and yellow produce contain the following phytonutrients: ALPHA & BETA CAROTENE, BETA CRYPTOXANTHIN, LUTEIN, ZEAXANTHIN and HESPERIDIN. They are particularly good for eye health and healthy immune system.

White (colorless) vegetables contain EGCG, ALLICIN, QUERCETIN and GLUCOSINOLATES, making them great for reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and different types of cancer. They also have strong antifungal and antibacterial benefits.

Green vegetables, just like orange ones, are rich in LUTEIN and ZEAXANTHIN, which are great for eye health. They also contain ISOFLAVONES, EGCG, ISOTHIOCYANATES and INDOLES, all working very hard to protect us from cancer and support detoxification.

And finally my personal favourite, blue & purple veggies and fruit. Rich in RESVERATROL, ANTHOCYANIDINS, PHENOLICS and FLAVONOIDS. They are good for heart, brain, bones, arteries, fight cancer and support healthy ageing, what’s not to like?

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