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BEEF STEW SLOW COOKER Recipe (Paleo/ Gluten Free/ Dairy Free)

If I ever eat red meat, it has to be slowly cooked in my crock-pot. I absolutely adore my slow cooker, especially when I am back home after a long day and hot dinner is already waiting for me, house smelling delicious. And it only takes 10 minutes of my time in the morning to prepare it!

My Crock-Pot is 4.7L big, so this is the yield for this capacity.


- 800 g diced stewing beef,

- 1 onion,

- 6 garlic cloves,

- 4 carrots,

- 1 parsnip,

- 1 turnip,

- 2 tsp of paprika,

- 1 tsp of rosemary,

- sea salt as required,

- 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar,

- 2 tbsp honey,

- brown basmati rice and a side salad to serve.


Put the meat into the slow-cooker. Roughly chop the vegetables into about 2 cm pieces, add to the meat. Mix all the spices with vinegar and honey in a small bowl. Finally mix everything together. If you are short on time in the morning, you can prepare everything on the evening before. Cover the slow cooker and cook on low setting for about 9 hours, or on high for 4.5 hours. Serve with brown rice and a side salad.

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