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What is THE 80/20 RULE and why it's a key to healthy eating?

THE 80/20 RULE is not a diet, it is simply a lifestyle that helps to balance healthy eating with occasional not-so-healthy indulgences, without the guilty feeling. It is all about the balance and moderation…

The 80/20 principle is about eating healthy, nutritious foods for 80% of the time, meaning whole, unprocessed foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, lean protein, beans and pulses, healthy fats and some whole grains. For the other 20% of time, feel free to enjoy the foods of your choice. This rule makes healthy eating sustainable long term and what is the most important enjoying a variety of foods without feeling guilty or deprived.

So the maths goes as follows: if you eat 3 meals a day, that gives you 21 meals per week, meaning that 4 meals per week could be in freestyle/ indulgence/ guiltfree mode 😁👍😋


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