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September 19, 2016



Green smoothies are great, no doubt about it! But it's important to rotate raw green leafy vegetables families, to avoid alkaloid buildup and provide a variety of nutrients. 


When making green smoothies, juicing or preparing salads with raw green leafy vegetables, simply every few days, change your family. They include:

  • Cruciferae (kale, watercress, rocket, cabbage, pak choi, spring greens, collard greens). They contain goitrogens, which may interfere with the thyroid function;

  • Amaranthaceae (spinach, Swiss chard, beet greens). The over accumulation of oxalates may increase the risk of kidney stones;

  • Asteraceae (Romaine lettuce, leaf lettuce, dandelion greens);

  • Apiaceae (Parsley, celery, coriander).


Happy rotating! 

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