December 9, 2016

What does 'EAT A RAINBOW' mean? We should aim to eat 7-a-day, 2 fruit and at least 5 vegetables a day. This is to ensure the variety of phytonutrients is consumed. If you are trying to lose weight, go for 1 low GL fruit (berries are the best) and 6 vegetables a day.

Red fruit and veggies contain LYCOPENE, that has been linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer, but also ELLAGIC ACID, QUERCETIN, HESPERIDIN and ANTHOCYANIDINS, that may help to protect against different types of cancer.

Orange and yellow...

November 26, 2016

What do you eat for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? I hear this question over and over again, so I decided to answer it by documenting my week in food on my social media 😋 And since I eat three big meals a day and don't snack, it should make a nice Instagram feed 👍😜😁 

Starting on Monday I will be posting all the beautiful food that I’m eating this week so stay tuned and follow me on Instagram/ Facebook to discover what does a nutritionist eat 🍏🍒🍍

November 25, 2016

THE 80/20 RULE is not a diet, it is simply a lifestyle that helps to balance healthy eating with occasional not-so-healthy indulgences, without the guilty feeling. It is all about the balance and moderation…

The 80/20 principle is about eating healthy, nutritious foods for 80% of the time, meaning whole, unprocessed foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, lean protein, beans and pulses, healthy fats and some whole grains. For the other 20% of time, feel free to enjoy the foods of your choice....

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May 7, 2017

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